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Wholesale N95, KN95 masks and surgical masks

As the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) increases, Fastener Solutions offers 4 different types of mask protection for healthcare workers and essential business personnel. Our wholesale N95 masks and surgical masks are sold in bulk, focusing on frontline medical workers and businesses deemed essential during the pandemic. Respirators and surgical masks are designed to protect individuals from airborne respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.

These masks are sold in large quantities and are not suitable for purchase by individual consumers. Our masks are shipped from China

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Civilian grade mask
Melt-blown ultrafine fabric filter layer
Face fitting design

CDC/FDA approves wholesale NIOSH N95 masks

We can provide mask orders from companies, institutions, schools, hospitals and governments

Wholesale N95 masks


I've been using these and sharing these for some months. They are comfortable and none have broken. I did some of the kn95 tests you see online and they seem to fit the standards. I think it's an interesting complaint that they're not made in the USA. Not much is. The price was great and I feel...
Lots of KN95 masks are frauds after 2020. I tested these in a lot of different ways and feel confident verifying that they are legitimate KN95 masks and thus provide protection against airborne viruses. I've been very thankful to own them as of late.
The masks are well built and are quite comfortable. I needed some quickly because I was going to travel and so I ordered two different brands. These and the other brands out there are very comparable, are quite a good value for money, and ship quickly. Would definitely recommend buying them. Se...
Now that mask mandates are back and the CDC is recommending these over cloth masks, I switched to these. They are great! They come individually wrapped, fit incredibly well, use high-quality material, and the metal bar at the top really works. I've tried other versions of these and the metal an...

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Masks for the masses

The Importance of N95 Respirators To the Medical Industry